Exchange Claim Policy

All things can be traded inside 30 days for nothing out of pocket. Be that as it may, for a thing to be traded, it should be unused, the label must be flawless and the client must be in control of the first receipt of the buy. No trades are workable for global requests.


The client must take the harmed/defective thing back to the shop from where it was acquired. After the item is checked, the client will be permitted to accept another item as a substitution of the deserted one. If there should arise an occurrence of online requests, you will be required to email photographic proof of any harmed thing at before any cases can be sped up.


On the off chance that the item is observed to be broken, the client then needs to dispatch the thing to the Woman’s Land stock room where the client will be sent another result of their preferring.

Online clients can likewise have their items traded from our system of stores across the nation.

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